Innholdsrikt og godt oppdatert kartarkiv

Følg med for nye kart, hver uk.. gang det passer meg.

//Welcome to my map archive. Here are some of my races and trainings with gps//

Testløp mellom JWOC relevant (25-03-2018)
Søndag 25 Marts 2018
Kaskantyu, Hungary
Stor feil inn i 9, liten feil inn i 5, og medium feil på sistepost. Mista også 2min på venstreveivalg til 11. Stort potensiale ...
California Orienteering Week stage 3 (19-03-2018)
Mandag 19 Marts 2018
Point Pinole, USA
Fast race in fast terrain. Messed up 30sek on control 6, and lost a few seconds here and there. But all in all close to perfect. F...
California Orienteering Week stage 2 (18-03-2018)
Søndag 18 Marts 2018
Morgan Territory, USA
Better today, had the flow through most parts of the course
California Orienteering week stage 1 (17-03-2018)
Lørdag 17 Marts 2018
Morgan Territory, USA
Did a lot of smaller mistakes coming into the controls, also had a few other ones. Did not have the flow between the controls toda...