Rolig O (13.04.2017)
Kategori: Trening
Kart/område: Dunsered
Land: Sverige
Disiplin: Mellom
Distance: 7.21 km
Time: 54:30
Average HR: 143
Maximum HR: 162
Bra gjennomføring hele veien! Pulsen lå på 72% av makspuls i snitt
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Matthias Kybürz: Du bist mein Held! Ich freue mich zu 10mila mit dir erleben. :o
Eatdatpussy445 : Yo, whats the fuck's crackin' my nigga, it's yo boy eatdatpussy445 coming at you fairweather & bandwagon motherfuckers with another god damn video!!! What the fuck is this my nigga? You aint shit. You run like a motherfucking coward Cowboys fan, you feel me, nigga?! This lousy shit running is worse than my shitcrack, you feel me?! Come feel that shitcrack at the gym you lousy ass nigga. I'm at 24hour fitness a Bakersfield CA tomorrow at 1pm, my nigga.
Einar Melsom : @Eatdatpussy445:
Nigga your tits be flopping like fishes so shut your goddamn mouth you braindead nolife lowlife piece of shit. Get the fuck outta here with that Cowboys-shit you trolling-ass little bitch.
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Rolig O (13.04.2017) Rolig O (13.04.2017)